There are many reasons why 3PD is the heavy-duty market leader in third-party logistics (3PL) and last-mile delivery. For one thing, we make nearly 3 million residential, business and job site deliveries every year � all with the help of more than 1,700 highly qualified, uniformed delivery teams.

For another, we're one of the only last-mile providers with an extensive North American reach. Our presence in approximately 500 locations throughout the United States and Canada enables us to meet nearly every U.S. and Canadian delivery need you might have, all with award-winning service levels.

♠ Finally - and perhaps most important of all - last mile isn't just our specialty. It's our only line of business.

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  City Marietta, GA
  Zip Code 30062
  Address 1851 West Oak Parkway
  Phone Number (866) 373-7874

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Where Your Last Mile Always Comes First.

Where Your Last Mile Always Comes First.

Few companies feel more at home with the concept of residential "carry-in" delivery and installation than 3PD - because we're one of North America's top providers of these services.

Our uniformed delivery teams make millions of home deliveries every year. And our state-of-the-art systems and quality support services ensure that your company's last-mile experience flows smoothly and seamlessly from beginning to end.

When It Comes To Deliveries, We Mean Business.

When It Comes To Deliveries, We Mean Business.

Retail outlets, offices and other business locations are a special breed of customer, because their smooth operations often hinge on your reliable deliveries. Whether you need your products delivered to a store, a skyscraper or someplace in between, 3PD has the precision you need to make business-to-business deliveries quickly, precisely and reliably, all with a minimum of disruption and a maximum of satisfaction.

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