Tim Orman has been in the home furnishings business since 1967. The current incarnation, Orman's 3Day Furniture, Leather & Mattress, LLC, is the direct result of an aborted attempt to retire. When it became apparent that the building at 15205 Metcalf wasn't going to sell at a reasonable price, Tim made the decision to refurbish the building himself, rent a significant part of it to others and tailor a business to his energy level. 80% of written business has been on Thursday, Friday and Saturday so the hours have been trimmed to those days. With those changes in place, Orman's 3Day was born to re-establish these core values from 40 years:

Relatively low overhead
Emphasis on value
Discount pricing (Denis G. Orman Interiors, Inc. was the first true furniture discounter in Kansas)
High level of personal interaction with our customers
Respectful service
Straight talk with an intelligent, repeat base of customers
Effective problem solving so we can fulfill your needs with reasonable prices

Please visit us to review the best buys on interesting pieces of furniture, wonderful leather upholstery and mattresses that really work longer term all at value pricing every day. We'll also show you how we can change your living space for the better with quality furniture. We can't wait to see you in our showroom! Forget the rest we actually sell cheap and tell the truth!

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  Person Ormans 3 Day Furniture
  City Overland Park, KS
  Zip Code 66223
  Address 15205 Metcalf
  Phone Number (913) 681-2841

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We don't just sell furniture, we sell value. Consumers need to remember that the answer to What is cheapest? relies on the answer to the corollary question: Cheapest to buy or cheapest to own? In all product categories, there are items with a spread of first costs. The costs over time (maintenance, repair, replacement cycle, etc.) have to be factored into cheapest. Is the $499 mattress that isn't comfortable after 6 months cheap or expensive? Is the sofa whose cushions are a mess after 18 months cheap or expensive? Is the chest of drawers with broken drawer pulls and peeling finish cheap or expensive? If you can't reach someone to service a problem, how important does price become in the equation?


Leather furniture is among the most misunderstood products in home furnishings. At Orman's 3Day, we have 10, 000 square feet dedicated to showing the possibilities and range of leather upholstered furniture. When you come in, we will:

Explain, in detail, everything you need to know about leather.
Help find a suitable style to fit your needs and budget.
Discuss the criteria for choosing a piece, depending on your intended use and lifestyle.
Show you a broad selection of leather pieces from several sources.
Present the possibilities that custom-order leathers bring to the table.
Teach you the proper maintenance of new leather furniture.

Customer Testimonials

Orman's is the benchmark for quality furniture. There are various price points, but it's all quality. Tim's been in the business for over 40 years and if you want to know what goes into quality furniture, and why it's a value (and not junk you'll replace in a few years), you need to shop here. It may not be as glitzy as other stores but look beyond the fluff of Nebraska Furniture Mart or other places. At those other places you'll work with "order takers", not people who've been to the factories and know firsthand why a piece is built the way it is.

We moved from Washington DC to KC in 2004 and have been customers ever since. We wouldn't dream of buying furniture anywhere else. Orman's wins on price when you compare quality pieces, and they stand behind ALL of their products.

The most interesting furniture in KC by far. Quality is there to meet price!

When I'm buying furniture I'll buy the furniture but I don't want to pay someone else rent. Orman's makes low prices work because its not in a high rent area. I like that I get more furniture for my money. Not all buyers think this way but I always buy name brands at off-price places. Worth a look.

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Orman's Furniture is constricting our footprint within our Metcalf location in calendar 2018. The Orman's customer base will be better served by collapsing the 70,000 square feet of space into a smaller (maybe 45,000 square feet?) physical area in which to show and sell quality furniture in 2019 and going forward. It's time to realistically resize the business. As demonstrated by that big blue box on I-35 and our Nebraska neighbors, lower quality, long term financing and unending bombastic promotion have changed the emphasis away from better made, stylish furniture priced right that lasts sold by knowledgeable, locally owned businesses.

At Orman's Furniture, we believe that the first criterion for buying a mattress is whether it helps you get a restful, refreshing, healthful night's sleep. Over 25% of your allotted 24-hour day is spent sleeping and the quality of the day's remainder is highly dependent on those hours of rest. Research confirms our need for rejuvenating sleep and traces problems as diverse as weight gain and cognitive dysfunction to lack of adequate rest. Mattress size and costs are secondary issues. We've researched the marketplace for the best products to fit your long-term requirements.