Oak Designs is a family run and operated manufacturer of fine furniture for your home using the finest combination of old world and modern construction methods. Our factory, situated in Manchester, NH, uses state of the art equipment and individual attention to bring your furniture to life. All Oak Designs products are made to order in your choice of wood and finish.

Contact Details

  City Manchester, NH
  Zip Code 03103
  Address 9050 South Willow Str
  Phone Number (603) 669-9280

From Our Website

The true spirit of New England craftsmanship lives here. In our family owned shop in the heart of New Hampshire, the tradition of local furniture making is alive once again. We are proud to offer hand-crafted quality, made just for you, in less than six weeks.

It may seem like ancient history, but not more than twenty years ago locally and regionally made furniture was the standard fare for families across the country. North Carolina was considered by many as the Furniture Capital of the World, and several regional furniture hubs thrived in places like New York, New England, and beyond. Quality and craftsmanship were the cornerstones of the industry — a high bar held high by customers that brought furniture into their homes with the expectation that the pieces would outlast their use for them, often finding their way passed on between family and friends or sold though secondary markets locally.

We've searched the country for sources of this forgotton material, aiming to re-capture it's beauty and save it from the landfill or furnace. Better for the planet and better for your wallet. Waste Reimagined — we think you'll like the result.