ArtCraft Furniture Refinishing is a family run and operated business which has been working in the Treasure Valley for over three decades. ArtCraft specializes in pianos and fine furniture restoration; we repair, restore, or refinish any indoor or outdoor furniture. Touch-up, stripping, caning, powder coat, you name it we do it and have been the firm to count on since 1963.

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  City Boise, ID
  Zip Code 83705
  Address 4655 South Macarthur Street
  Phone Number (208) 342-4144

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Come to Artcraft Furniture Refinishing so that you can use your tables, chairs, and antiques once again! We serve Boise, Idaho and all nearby areas, including the Treasure Valley, Wood River Valley, Magic Valley, and neighboring communities in Oregon and Washington. Since 1951, our customers have trusted us and our craftmanship to complete the woodworking repairs for their prized possessions. We will do the same for you. Call us now for a quote! ArtCraft Refinishing comes from a long line of artisans and makers, beginning with Edward Fortin Piano Restoration in Salem, Massachusetts.

Artcraft Furniture Refinishing offers a number of different services in addition to our traditional restoration, refinishing, and repair options. Our Boise, Idaho company specific woodworking services that include caning, where we repair traditional woven cane patterns that have fallen apart over time. We can reweave chairs that may have been originally designed decades prior, and restore them back to their original design. We are also moving insurance claim experts, for customers that may have damaged furniture when moving to or from the Treasure Valley or Magic Valley.

Artcraft Furniture offers complete refinishing service for your prized home items, including special antiques, home furnishings and even pianos. Additional care and work is needed to make sure your wood and color can look and shine as it did when it was first created. Our team of experienced woodworkers give your furniture that added look with our many refinishing options. We have a variety of tools and refinishing coatings and materials to liven up your favorite items. Trust our craftsmanship to give a beautiful look to some of your favorite furniture items.

Artcraft Furniture Refinishing can bring your outdoor furniture back to life. Our Boise, Idaho based company can easily make your cookout, or outdoor party or family gathering live again by adding what is needed to your old patio furniture. The weather in Idaho can be tough on your furniture, and years of being in the freezing cold, along with heat damage from tough summers can wear the condition of your outdoor furniture. Our specialty is Brown Jordan Furniture. Our team of experienced woodworkers and craftsmen can restore and repair your furniture with services such as powder coating.

There is no need to take your broken or damaged furniture to the dump. The expert craftsman and woodworkers at Artcraft Refinishing can bring your wooden furniture and antiques back to the life with high-quality repair services. We have provided our customers with exceptional repair work since 1951. We have a variety of tools, along with trained expertise to fix broken or damaged parts of your furniture that may include chair legs, seats and other integral components. Leave behind the frustration and disappointment by throwing out your favorite piece of furniture.

The expert woodworkers at Artcraft Furniture Refinishing offers the best in high quality restoration for furniture, restoration and antiques. Serving Boise, Idaho and other nearby regions, we focus our efforts in bringing out the best in the wood that has been ignored for years. We have been restoring all types of furniture since 1951, aiming to give our customers the best service, while bringing their prized furniture the look it had when it was first purchased. Call us if you have purchased a gorgeous piece of furniture or antique on consignment or wholesale, and it needs additional work.